Wednesday, August 03, 2011

On a mission to help & bless others...

We spent last week on a mission trip in Cartagena, Colombia.

Talk about challenges...boy did we have some. For times sake...I'm just going to give an overview of our challenges and share a few pics:

1) airline said they wouldn't charge our group baggage fees...they did anyway. $25 for 1 bag & $60 for 2 bags x 50 people = mucho grande.
2) airline had to hold the plane because them deciding to charge us held up our group quite a bit which resulted in the plane needing to wait 10 extra minutes for us all to board.
3) already said 10 minute late plane taking off discovered "AFTER" we got on board that they had a water distribution problem on said plane...this resulted in a service guy and him NOT being able to fix the problem which delayed us 1 hour and 10 minutes.
***A praise = 4) delayed flight caused us to get to our next connection within 20 min of take off. Plane was suppose to dock in terminal B and we would have had to deboard and trek to terminal C which they said we wouldn't make so our pilot was able to work it out where we docked in terminal C...just a couple of gates away from where we were suppose to board our next flight...God is so good!
5) was suppose to get to 1st hotel within an hour and a half...didn't get there for 2.5 hours because the drivers got lost. Dinner was at 8pm.
6) several people had lost their A/C through out the night
7) on Monday the lights started flickering and around 6:30pm went completely out...we found out that the polling electricity caused the electric line to snap off of the building. We stood outside for hours trying to warn people that the line was hot.
***A praise 8) the super nice hotel 4 blocks away was able to accomodate our 10:30pm we walked to that hotel.
9) at the new hotel I turned our A/C on the coldest setting and froze the line...this caused massive water to run out of the A/C unit all night.
10) on Thursday we were on a home visit and had to leave abruptly due to something that happened in the neighborhood and they wanted to get us out of there.

This is just a sampling of some of the challenges that we faced but we are so thankful to God for being there and for having his hand on all of could see God working around each obsticle.

Our welcome

Our first home visit

One of the fish markets

A guard on the street

The fort they forced the slaves to build to keep the English pirates from getting the Spanish gold. When a slave would die during the building they would push him over and continue to build on top of his sad!

Favorite parts of the trip:
1) getting there and back safely
2) making friends with those on the trip
3) meeting Wendy, Emily, Juan, DeLaura, Julio, Claudia & Viviana
4) spending the day at Coco Liso Island swimming, eating cake & going to the Oceanarium
5) the trolly ride
6) shopping at the market
7) seeing the mall & the fort
8) devotion night on the beach
9) praying with Wendy's grandmother & aunt who recieved Christ
10) eating ice cream at Crepes & Waffles (YUM)
11) being picked up at the hotel and going to dinner in a horse drawn carriage
12) eating dinner at a BEAUTIFUL restruarnt
13) the meal at the BEAUTIFUL restruarnt
14) Hagen Daz at the airport
15) landing back in the USA

A few of my Favorite Photos

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