Revelation Cannot be Taken Away

There will NEVER be a day that God will NOT love you!!! Seek God for revelation. Pray that others will have a revelation from God. Where the annointing is, bondages are destroyed. Sometimes you can hear something a 100 times but just don't get it. Jesus paid the price and we get it all. Eph 1:19 Revelation is something that can NOT be taken away from us. God loves you and you can know him in a personal way. John 14:17; John 15:18-19 don't get mad when unbelievers think you are weird or from another planet. The Lord has chosen you as His own and the world will hate you. If everyone in the world likes you, you are probably compromising in your walk. Try to meet them where they are at without compromising. Hell is going to be complete seperation from God.


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