Monday, January 03, 2011

Bread Making - The Survival Mom's "Skill of the Month"

This morning I hopped on my popular Survival Mom's (whom I saw previously on Glenn Beck's tv show) website. With the new year comes new ideas and information to get people moving and motivated. The Survival Mom is handing out skills that she feels are useful for us "preppers", "survivalists", "Survivor Moms" etc. - Each month she will post a new skill...this months skill is "Bread Making".

Her thoughts are that making bread is an "Everyday, Practical Skill".

When my mom died (miss you momma:) I inherited her Oster Bread fact I inherited ALOT of her gadget type machines and am currently wondering what in the world to do with them all. So first things first...FINALLY...after 2 years of looking at the bread machine...I'll make bread.

I decided to take her Skill of the Month challenge and see what this thing can do. I searched for the recipe from the site since my dad didn't have the book. I stuck with the Traditional White Bread recipe that can be found here.

Hmmm, It was quite fun and interesting - pouring in the wet (water & oil) stuff, then pouring in the dry (flour, salt(around the outer edge), sugar, dry milk) and then digging a hole in the middle of the flour for the yeast but not deep enough for the yeast to come in contact with the water...geez - picky, picky. lol

Now I'll bore you with a bejillion pictures of the bread making process:

PLEASE don't open the lid once the bread is beginning to rise...DUH - there's NO way I would do - except that I did...quickly. :(

Which "COULD" be where this large bubble came from...

And DON'T open the kitchen door that goes to the garage and slam it like you normally have to so you can lock it...ugh - it MAY cause your said bread with the large bubble to "fall" :(

And Please, PLEASE, PLEASE don't forget to remove your kneading wheel/paddle once the kneading has stopped...wish I would have remembered that from the youtube video that I watched...oh well - it's got a nice hole in it's :)

And that's enough of making bread for one day!!!

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EatHealthyLiveWell said...

Homemade bread is the my breadmaker! And those photos are great. My bread almost always ends up "falling"...