Fasting Pt 2

Matthew 6:19-21
Food, money, tv are not evil...if he doesn't have your heart, he doesn't have YOU!

Don't do it for religious sake.
Give this time to God.

Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me.
What to give up and lay down?

Know the heart of why we r doing it. Repent
isaiah 58:6-9

A heart issue, aligning your heart up with the heart of God.

Direction, battles, lay something before God.
Man made fast, God made fast

Fasting= abstain from all or certain foods -remind your flesh whose in authority.
When you give, when you pray, when you fast...Settles your heart. Brings you closer to the Lord.

It takes discipline, at the end you will receive the reward of it.
It's an external thing to cause an internal work.
Between the thing and God

*Normal fast- liquid fast

*Partical fast - veg & water or get rid of favorite food something you are attached to
first few days you might get a headache. Flush your system with water. Digestive track slows down about the 3rd day.

Fasting is a's about a break through...choosing God.

Don't run

Use practical wisdom the Lord will lead you in what to give up.

Isaiah 58:9-10

Go past what the flesh wants. Get practical with with spiritual things


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