Mouth Talk - The Power of Words

Start calling those things that be not as though they are according to the word of God. Your self talk is important and learn how to meditate on the word. Prov 18:20-21 the power of life and death are in the tongue. Get up and say the Joy of the Lord is my strength, and I'm NOT going to spend the day depressed, i'm going to think on things that are going to benefit me. Do warfare with your mouth, fight for your life, don't give the devil one more day of your life. It closes the door to satan when you use mouth control, watch your words. Refuse to complain, murmur, grumble and find fault. You can be healed through speaking right words. Isaiah 58 says Theres healing power in the word of our mouth. 1cor 3:1-4 (AMP) Start being accountable for your words. Pay attention to how you feel and what you say when others get blessings. Don't hang out with selfish, geedy people, comprimisers (one foot in the world)
things you should do with your mouth:
1) stay busy blessing everything you can bless - numbers 6:23-27 (God I bless this day in Jesus' name, I bless my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my in laws, I bless myself in Jesus' name. I'm going to live under the blessing, i'm blessed going in and going out.) james 3:10 out of the same mouth come forth blessing and cursing, these things ought not to be so. Don't curse the day the Lord has given you. Deut 28:1-13
2) psalm 100:4 Be thankful and say so!!! Tell others you are thankful, tell God you are thankful. 1 thes 5:18 -19 the longer you have to wait the greater the temptation to murmur. Thank God while your waiting.
*NUGGETS are my own views on things I'm learning, going through or hearing on TV or in front of my pastor or that I just want to share.
{Happy Birthday Momma, I love and miss you!!!}


Carie said…
Thank you for the encouragement!

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