A Little Snow Day Organizing...

It's funny how I don't wake up with a list to "do" these things...they just happen out of the ordinary. Laura over at Org Junkie is hosting 52 weeks of organizing. When she started with the first week I said no way...I can't possibly participate in that this year...well - the people that linked up on week #3 got me enticed to 'organize' and organize I did.

When my mom died I got a few of her gadgets...and I have my own gadgets already so I really was running out of "room" for all these gadgets. (the Waffle Maker, George Foreman, Crock Pot, Bread Maker, Toaster, Food Saver, and Blender...yikes - that's alot of gadgets...I have more but they are stored away:) The goal was to get all of these gadgets except the crock pot and toaster stored away. While I didn't get pics of these out and about on my counter...they all now have their own home and my counter is BEAUTIFUL.

First, I started with the pantry, in hopes of getting some of the canning things organized better and getting the Waffle Maker & small George Foreman in there...
So I started out with the shelf that I had 'rigged' on the bottom of the pantry...

...with these boxes and the Cambell's Soup boxes...yikes!

I went downstairs to look for something and happened upon "this" little gem holding some of my daughters stuffed animals...sorry dogs...you've got to find a new home...this baby's mine!

Thought I'd mark the out dates on the rest of my canned goods while they are out of

The shelving unit I showed earlier wouldn't fit completely on the bottom because of the long arm that holds the bottom pantry shelf up so I removed the top level of the shelving unit (the shelves can all come off and the shelving unit folded flat). I took the top shelf and made another layer over where my canned goods are. What do you do when you don't have the
proper shelf holding brackets??? Improvise...with some of those handy 3M strips, 2 pineapple stacked cans and a Juice Plus Box.

The shelving unit in it's new home

Two of the gadgets in their new home

The new "rigged" shelf

Thought I should repack my Steel Cut Oats and vacuum seal them in a jar...PRETTY!!!

Kitchen medicine cabinet...BEFORE

After with the Bread Maker in it's new home

Under sink kitchen cabinet before


What are YOU organizing this year??? Link up over at Laura's and let us know!


Carol said…
Man you were busy! Looks fabulous!
"The Mrs." said…
Thanks for the prayers! I think I am going to start in the 52 weeks of organizing!!?!? YIKES! LOL
Looks good Kim. I'm going to have to check in to this challenge.

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