If Church Shut Down...Where Would Your Walk With Christ Be?

If church shut down, where would ur walk with Christ be?
Most peoples walk would fail miserably. U have been conditioned to believe that "this, going to church" is your experience of walking with the Lord.
We r still called to break bread with one another, pray with one another and get together with other believers.
We have got to take the Sunday practices into our homes.
If u don't have ownership of practicing Christ then they aren't yours. Does your practice of Christ shape your life? Church should not b a place that you come to get filled up. What happens on Sunday will not last you for a week. We r servants one to another.
John 4:23-24 Worship in spirit and in truth.
Worship is not about music, it's about recognizing that God is God and I am not...putting him in his place and me in mine.
Psalm 90-100 & 104 are worship psalms.

*NUGGETS are my own views on things I'm learning, going through or hearing on TV or in front of my pastor or that I just want to share.


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