The Law of First Things

How you behave in the wilderness determines how long you will stay there. Some people never get out because they complain, to complain is to remain. Trust God and praise him. Do not let the devil steal your joy or use your mouth to complain. Deut 8:2 i led u these 40 years in the wilderness, to humble you and to prove you, to see if you would keep my commandments or not. It's easy to worship God on the mountain top, it's another thing in the valley and in the wilderness.
Man does not live by stuff, he lives by the word of God alone. God can exalt but can also humble and abaise. God can not find many people that he can give everything to because it has an ability to get ahold of you. Keep things in their right place. Always have time for God. (Read all of Deut 8) your life is not in stuff! If it ever becomes more important than God, he can take it away.

Matt 5:24 if u have anything against anyone, go make it right with your brother FIRST.

Luke 14:28 calculate the cost FIRST before buying anything.

Matt 7:1-5 do not judge others, FIRST get the beam out of your own eye.

Form a habit to put God first in your time, money, forgiveness, etc.

*NUGGETS are my own views on things I'm learning, going through or hearing on TV or in front of my pastor or that I just want to share.


Paper Blessings said…
Good post! That's one area of conviction I've been under too, lately. Even the "mock complaining" where it's not really a complaint, but it's not "good" either.

Thanks for sharing!

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